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Northeast Basketball Club Partners with PS2 Athletics.

Northeast Basketball Club is an elite program that provides various offerings to all ages and skill levels in the basketball community. Lead by Trevor Harris and his experienced, seasoned staff, Northeast Basketball Club emphasizes the importance of hard work, commitment and dedication. To visit their website, click here.

Individual and Group Training:

  • Direct 1:1 or small group instruction with a Northeast Basketball trainer. Trainee(s) experience a more direct and intimate training experience. Focus is on specific skill sets. Designed to help individual athlete(s) improve their own game.​
  • Individual: $100/hour. Small Group (2-4 athletes): $60/hour per person. Large Group (5-8 athletes): $40/hour per person.

Club Study:

  • Game/Practice/Workout/Film Study
  • Breakdown of individual skill utilization, implementation in the team setting, and X's and O's
  • $50 per session - Packages Available. Please call the office for scheduling 973-689-7700.

Elementary & Middle School Hoops Classes:

  • Introductory skills and fundamentals development. Classes focus on fun game play within a group environment. Team play is introduced, as is the importance of building chemistry and team morale while simultaneously improving on individual skills.
  • Thursdays, now through March 22nd
  • 4pm - 5pm Elementary
  • 5pm - 6pm Middle School
  • Single Class: $35. Package of 5 Classes: $160. Package of 10 Classes: $300

Elite Club Training:

  • High-Level Group Training with Northeast Basketball Club Lead Instructor Trevor Harris. The focus is on skill development, in-game simulation, utilizing a high basketball IQ, reading defenses, and making appropriate in-game adjustments and counters on the offensive side of the ball. Advanced drilling and high-level competition.
  • January 22-Feb 26 (Mondays), 6pm - 8pm
  • April 11-May 30 (Wednesdays) 8pm - 9:30pm
  • $60 per session - Packages Available

Weekend Hoops:

  • Mini-Clinics offered to elementary and middle school athletes. Focus is on skill development and fundamentals, within a fun, competitive team environment. Various shooting, ball handling, and skills challenges, promoting competition and teamwork.
  • February 24-March 31 (Saturdays)
  • 9am - 10am Elementary. 10am - 11am Middle School
  • Single Class: $35. Package of 6 Classes: $160.


Our holiday and school break camps are a great way to get daily and weekly instructional sessions incorporating individual and team improvement, skills competition, team play, guest lectures and mental exercise. We will introduce your child to the on and off the court facets of the game: preparation, film study, approach, strength/conditioning and speed/agility.

  • Day Camps: $75. Weekly Camps: $350
  • President's Day Camp: February 19, 9am - 3pm. (Elementary/Middle School)
  • Spring Recess Camp: April 2-6, 9am - 3pm (Elementary/Middle School)
  • Summer Basketball Camps:
    • July 9-13, 9 am - 3pm (Middle School)
    • July 16-20, 9am - 3pm (Middle School)
    • August 13-17, 9am - 3pm (High School)
    • August 20-24, 9am - 3pm (Middle School)
    • August 27-31, 9am - 3pm (High School)

Contact Coach Trevor to schedule your training session and to inquire about future programs:

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