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PS2 College Recruiting Services

PS2's Johnny Medina is MAC Freedom's Rookie of the Year
DeSales University Class of 2022

PS2 College Recruitment Services

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PS2's Arbert Cipion Drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers!

Every now and then a talent comes along so good with God given abilities, an unbelievable work ethic and just an all around great human being. That is Arbert Cipion. To think when he first came to workout for us the first time he was 14 maybe 15 years old, 6.6 speed, an A+ arm from the OF and no one had picked him up yet for summer ball, he flew under the radar and a simple phone call made it happen. When he committed to PS2, he committed all the way, he trusted the system and more importantly he trusted his coaches and we are forever grateful for that. This is the type of player that could go play for any program in the country and he chose us.

As the seasons went on he became the leader of our inaugural team just 3 years ago, and we watched him grow as a player and as a man. That special player we saw 3 years ago still flying under the radar had one dream and that was to play professional baseball. All of the showcases, college camps, workouts we went to finally paid off - he got offered a 100% scholarship to Southern New Hampshire University. Mission accomplished right?! No!! PS2 Founder Tommy Barbella remembers when Arbert looked at him one day going into his senior season and asked, "Coach, do you think I can get drafted?" Tommy told him, "you keep doing what you're doing and I believe you can. Physically, you have all the tools, you have to be mentally prepared." We knew he was ready and now we had to get the scouts to know.

Still flying under the radar but making noise on the field, a friend comes calling, who happens to be an area scout for a pro team (who we are forever grateful for the work he put in with Arbert) and he loves Arbert and tells me "he's 100% draft-able, he has things you can't teach, SPEED, work ethic, great attitude!" Word starts to spread from area scout to area scout, 2 in particular. Then at 5:33 pm on June 5th the Milwaukee Brewers in the 9th Rd made Arbert's dreams come true by choosing him 275th overall, the 2nd HS player in NJ to get drafted up till that point.

Here is a young man who did everything right, worked hard every day on and off the field, trusted the system at PS2, came to all the workouts, started early and stayed late and gave 2 young and upcoming coaches at PS2 Academy a chance and now he's getting his chance...there was no hype on social media previously, there wasn't a national ranking, even though he's one of the best in country. There was hard work, early morning workouts, late night discussions and training and believing in himself. This is a testament that dreams do come true and it all started with a love for the game and a phone call...

Congratulations to our boy Arbert Cipion! Words cannot describe how we feel about you and how happy we are for you. This is just the beginning, nothing changes, nothing stops, be the hardest worker on and off the field and good things will always happen!

Nilo Rijo Signs with the Boston Red Sox

Congratulations to Nilo Rijo who was signed by the Boston Red Sox at PS2 Athletic Facility on March 22. Nilo has been on the Sox radar for a while now and his hard work and dedication has paid off! Follow Nilo on Instagram @thejuicebro_7 and watch his incredible journey unfold.