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Sports Performance Training

Brandon Law
Performance Coordinator/Strength & Conditioning Coach
PS2 Athletics

Brandon Law is the owner of Laws of Strength performance and brings his years of experience to PS2 Athletics. Brandon is an Air Force veteran and a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute. His work ethic and discipline, combined with his personality and baseball experience, make him a great addition to the PS2 family.

He describes his training as a mix of team building, learning and having fun. He offers structured programming to best achieve your goals, taking a long-term development approach to help provide consistent growth.

After an initial assessment, athletes will work with Brandon to target their specific needs in either private or group settings. Classes are conveniently scheduled to work alongside our baseball winter training sessions.

Remote training is also an option if you can’t or choose not to attend a class for any reason.

Drop in rates and monthly unlimited plans are available for group classes. Private training is available by appointment. Contact us for pricing and scheduling at (973)-689-7700 or